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1-Day Saturday Antenatal & Early Parenting Class
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Next date: 
Saturday 11th June

Mounttown Community Facility, Monkstown
10am to 5pm
complimentary lunch and free parking

                                            Upcoming dates: 3rd September

Small, interactive class
Share your experiences with other new parents
Find out about local maternity & postnatal services
4-week Baby Massage Course for 60 instead of the usual price of 100 for antenatal course clients and Cuidiu members

So much information is thrown at your once you're pregnant that it can be really hard to decide what suits you.  Cuidiú Antenatal & Early Parenting Classes help parents work out how they want to approach labour and birth.

Our one-day class is very practical, with lots of opportunities to practise positions, massage, relaxation and breathing for labour, as well as parenting skills such as nappy changing (on a doll!).  The day is aimed at expectant mothers and their birth partners.  Partners learning forms an important part of the course.  There's lots of emotional support for this major life change, both from the teacher and the other parents-to-be in the class. See what others have said in Testimonials.

  Class size is limited to 6 - 8 couples. This ensures plenty of time to ask questions, practice skills and get to know others to form new friendships as new parents. See upcoming dates.

We also offer private one-to-one sessions if the group class doesn't suit you or the dates don't work.  Refreshers and VBAC sessions (after a Caesarean birth) are also available.

The content of a course may vary as the needs of each group can vary.  Each groups sets its own agenda at the beginning of the day, so if you're keen to include a topic, we can do that. 

Expect the following to be covered:

o           What happens during the three stages of labour - how women's bodies work best

o   Comfort measures for labour:  massage, rhythmical breathing, active labour positions, relaxation 

o   Tips on how to give yourself the best chance of a straightforward birth, build your confidence and feel empowered

o    Exploring all your birth options and informed choice about birth

o   Communicating with midwives/doctors and making decisions

o   Looking after your pelvic floor

o   Dealing with the unexpected and different kinds of births

o    The role of birth partners what they need to know and how they can provide the best support

o   What to expect for a hospital birth, how to have your needs met and what's available for pain management

o   Antenatal and postnatal depression

o   Breastfeeding - getting it off to a good start.  Information about access to Cuidiú's voluntary breastfeeding services and breastfeeding counsellors

o   Practical babycare  bathing, nappy changing, baby safety

o   The emotional side of having a baby and coping in the early days 

 Run by an experienced Cuidiú antenatal educator. 

Cuidiú antenatal educators are the only university-qualified antenatal teachers in Ireland (University of Bedfordshire).  Trained and licenced-to-practice by NCT (National Childbirth Trust and Cuidiú. Member of Antenatal Ireland.

160 for mother & her birth partner 

Included in the price:

Comprehensive information pack

Complimentary light lunch and refreshments

Membership of Cuidiú for a year (worth 25)

Free parking

Labour ward tour arranged for a different day

Class reunion when babies are born

FREE postnatal support for breastfeeding & parenting with local Cuidiú branch including 

 Baby Massage Course for 60 instead of usual price of 150 

(Baby massage reimbursed by most private health insurers)

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