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"I can't imagine heading into birth without doing this course...and I was a bit reluctant to come"- Joe, New Dad.

"Excellent.  Very knowledgeable teacher, a lot of issues covered indepth.  I feel really prepared and I know my options now.  Many thanks for all the help and support". - Ciara, New Mum.

"I learned a lot more than anticipated and would recommend course/teacher to those having a baby, especially their first." - Dan, New Dad.

"Teacher's real life examples and not leaving anything out were so helpful.  We used practical scenarios."- Fiona, New Mum.

"Excellent. Very informative & an eye opener.  Rather than hospital-based antenatal classes which push a particular agenda, I found this to be open minded" - Dee, New Mum.

"I feel more confidence in approaching labour, clearer ideas of what to expect.  Great hands-on exercises" - Aine, New Mum

"I was impressed with the wide scope of what was covered" - Oonagh, New Mum

"Thank you so much - the class helped so much in the labour and now that we're home.  We'll recommend it highly" - Frank & Rhona, New Parents

"It's the best night sleep I get all week" - Jean (RSB class)

"An hour and a half to my every week, so relaxing and has given me great confidence for the birth" - Shelly (RSB class)

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